Monday, October 19, 2009

Status - 10/19

Packing up BLOODYMINDED CDs, etc. Getting caught up with the weekend's orders to bring everything to the Post Office tomorrow.

Took a Kuma's break with Isidro earlier... Had the Bongzilla for the first time in ages... Delicious... Seemed like the Autumn thing to do.

Speaking of the change of season, I am attempting to install some long-lost discipline in my drawing regimen... Attempting to get back on the daily schedule that I used to maintain...

Trying to wrap my ears around the new Shrinebuilder album... Solid material, and wearing it membership from Neurosis, Om, Obsessed/Saint Vitus, etc., pretty clearly.

If you have not seen the newly revamped Revolver/Midheaven website, you should check it out. BloodLust! titles are now searchable, and they are being featured in the weekly new release e-mails, which is nice to see: