Friday, November 13, 2009


It has been a quiet week here (volume-wise), following the weekend in Boston. The "no noise" rule has been in effect, except for reviewing the recording of the BLOODYMINDED set. Anatomy of Habit's practice on Tuesday was a bit damaging, to say the least. Even so, I have a modest stack of recordings that were kindly handed to me in Boston, which I need to listen to ASAP. This was a perfect week for listening to the new Xeno and Oaklander album, etc. After just reading an interview that covered the making of the album, it only seemed fitting to put on Alice Cooper's "From the Inside."

I guess that I forgot that this was sort of a proxy Elton John record. That is not a bad thing. Anyhow, it is mild enough.

The only real viewing of note, while trying to get over this Boston chest cold, was "Gardens of the Night."

It was interesting to hear a Neurosis song pop up in the soundtrack. And yes, it did offer a bit more than "The Nickle Children," as a friend thought it might.