Friday, November 20, 2009

The Road is Gray

I have been looking forward to the film version of "The Road," certainly in part as I am a fan of John Hillcoat's films -- and after numerous people told me that I would "love everything by Cormac McCarthy" or that I "had to read this book" -- Why do people do that -- and what about me screams out Southern Gothic or western? I decided to read it before the film opened, and sure enough, I could barely put it down last night and I finished it this morning... I did indeed love the book. Post-apocalyptic, but not in a cheesy sci-fi way, at all. The book is the most "gray" thing ever. Oddly, after days of gray skies and rain, shortly after I finished the book, the sun came out, just in time for a nice long run. I will not make some blanket recommendation for people to read it. I will leave that to Oprah -- probably why I bristled at friends' suggestions in the first place, right?