Sunday, November 22, 2009

Status - 11/22

- I did a big mail-run on Friday evening, so all paid orders are up-to-date. Crazy week for orders... thanks so much!

- I attended a really good show on Friday at The Mopery, organized by Mike from Death Factory. I think that the line-up was as follows:

Sun Splitter
Death Factory (Mike + Arvo)
Burial Hex
Soliday/Golen (2/3 of Winters in Osaka)
New Pledgemaster
Skin Graft

Here is what I posted on the noise forum:

"Fuck yeah! Probably the best noise+ show I've attended all year. Great to see Burial Hex again. Awesome to see Jerk back in action. Can't wait for Sun Splitter through the Empty Bottle PA on 1/3. Skin Graft is always a welcome scummy bad omen. PE Paul dished up disgusting feedback frequencies and cracked open a beer in the fucking liquor store. Ha! PTM Jim drilled a massive hole in the sky. Jason and Mike tore it up their own way. And Mike and Arvo showed a brutal side of the death-industrial coin. Some fun music afterward at Continental and a ride in a PT Cruiser. What a night..."

I just played a nicely packaged Sun Splitter CD that comes in a metal tin with circular artwork elements inside... killer! About to dig into the new Skin Graft single on A Soundesign Recording (David Russell from Jerk's high-caliber label)... high expectations after a string of disgusting tapes and the excellent "Blackout" LP on Tusco/Embassy...

- Off to practice with Plague Bringer in a few hours, after a nice run. 54-degrees and sunny. You know this is the end of that sort of weather...