Friday, December 11, 2009

Chronic Youth on Mikle IX / Ten Suicides

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Mike IX Williams
Ten Suicides
Chrome Peeler

Ok, you fuckers. Everyone loves Eyehategod, but are you diehard enough to embrace the chaos that is Mike Williams‘ psychotic side project? We hope so. Recently released via the almighty Chrome Peeler, this weird-ass limited 7″ features two misanthropic delights, “That’s What the Obituary Said” and “Ten Suicides.” Both tracks feature some minimal power electronics with Williams going apeshit with spoken (um, screamed) word. “Ten Suicides,” was remixed by Mark Solotroff (Intrinsic Action/Bloodyminded) and sounds about as pissed as you can imagine. Did we mention that Williams did the insane cover art? Fuckin’ a. This 7″ is critical for those that embrace all things completely fucked. Order it now while you can.

Mike IX Williams’ “That’s What the Obituary Said” and “Ten Suicides” is out now via Chrome Peeler.