Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Status - 12/9 - Winter's Descent

Things are pretty harsh outside. Winter is definitely here. It is supposed to go down to 8-degrees tonight. Fuck!

Keeping busy preparing some early 2010 B! releases...

The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush were just asked to play a show in early-February. Details to follow...

Anatomy of Habit will take off January from playing live, in order to try to wrap up our record. But do not fret, we are already fielding some offers for February and March.

Heavy rotation:
Mauthausen Orchestra "Sonic Deprivation" (Silentes)
Nimh/Mauthausen Orchestra "From Unhealthy Places" (Silentes)
Crippled Black Phoenix "A Love of Shared Disasters" (Invada/Domino)
Crippled Black Phoenix "The Resurrectionists"/"Night Raider" (Invada/Domino)
Josh Hydeman "Screaming At A Wall" (Destructive Industries)