Friday, March 13, 2009

First carve is the skin

Tindersticks. Last night. Epiphany Episcopal Church. Amazing! What a great setting to see this band in. I can only hope that Throbbing Gristle does the place justice, next month. The crowd was suitably reverant, too. Total silence, aside from footsteps on the wooden floor, as soon as the band began to walk out on stage. Dramatic lighting reached up to the insane ceiling -- Epiphany is a column-free space with a roof supported by massive, exposed timber arch-braced trusses. Full band. Guitars, bass, drums, horns, vibes, keyboard/organ... Full sound. I imagine that a set list from them is a hard one to develop -- especially to satisfy everyone in attendance -- but I was totally pleased. They did lean heavily on "The Hungry Saw" - and that was fine with me, as it has been one of my most-listened-to albums from the past year. Two encores, so maybe an almost two-hour set? My birthday is officially over now (Marlene got these tickets as a present)... it stretched out nicely this year!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Status - 3/12

- I sent out another batch of Redrot records today. Hanson should have them in stock shortly, followed by Hospital and Turgid Animal Italy

- I had practice and a burrito with Bruce and Rita earlier today, and we worked out our game plan for next Tuesday, which builds upon what we did together last September. We also discussed a different release scenario for the recording of that first performance, which may tie into the whole "Record Store Day" thing, including another live set

- Off to see Tindersticks tonight...

A recent article about AV-aerie's latest troubles

From The Columbia Chronicle:

(FYI: it includes yours truly... and either there was a copy editing glitch, or maybe they really liked what I said???)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red Fang

Well, I am not really into the band, but the Kuma's March burger was extremely tasty: Red Fang = a burger with bacon, blood orange and micro arugula (it was really teenie), with a blood orange and bacon reduction.

Status - 3/11

- Solid practice last night. Dialed back a bit from the recent four-hour marathon style. Lots of discussion regarding moving forward in the live arena... when, where, with who, etc. Soon...

- Meeting Bruce and Rita tomorrow to finalize plans for next Tuesday's show with Hair Police. Posters are making their way around town, a bit. Being cautious with too much above-ground promotion, especially due to the most recent action at AV-aerie, which was a total bummer to hear about

- Posters for the April 28th BLOODYMINDED show should start circulating later this week

- Another batch of Redrot singles should make it to the Post Office today

- Current office ambiance: Yeah Yeah Yeahs "It's a Blitz!" -- and they have discovered synths and sequencers, it seems... and My Bloody Valentine, maybe?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wierd eBay

- Since I have been posting about my own auctions, I thought that I would also mention that a certain DJ that I know is in the midst of some spring cleaning:

Status - 3/10

- I am still working on ongoing Redrot orders. I am down to about 60 copies, so anyone who is interested would be advised to get in touch soon...

- Earlier today, I stopped by the studio of photographer extraordinaire, Ben Syverson, who has taken some amazing shots of BLOODYMINDED, both in Chicago and in Mexico City. I sat - well, stood, actually - for a short series of classic studio portraits, which Ben shot on a really interesting large format (8" x 10") camera. I am curious to see the results...

- Last night, after a tasty pozole dinner with Isidro, I discovered that my MySpace page had gone haywire. My Top 40 list was all scrambled and randomized. It took ages to re-construct it, and trying to find everyone within the 185 pages of thumbnail profiles was next to impossible. No one was left out intentionally - I know how people get about top friends stuff - and ironically, I still have not found Isidro... so I blame him. The pozole rojo was great, though.

- Off to practice tonight...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Status - 3/9

- I got another big stack of orders for the Redrot single mailed out today. For those so inclined, initial distributors/stores with copies on their way to them include Apop, Molehill, Revolver/Tedium House, Second Layer, Self Abuse, and Small Doses

Draculina zines on eBay

Eight rare issues of this underground horror/scream queen zine from 87-94

Thanks for checking!