Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cadaver Tease

B!120 Cadaver In Drag "Absuse/Beathing Sewage" CD front cover

This is the front cover panel of the upcoming Cadaver In Drag "Abuse/Breathing Sewage" CD, compiling rare and out-of-print material, plus a new song featuring vocals by Mark Solotroff.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Blog on Brutal Truth

Here is an interesting and well-written review of the recent Chicago Brutal Truth show from a blog called Invisible Oranges

Photo by Carmelo EspaƱola

Mourning has Broken

Morning listening:
- Unearthly Trance (all, 2001-09)
[That new Abandoner/Angel of Decay "Ghostspeak" CD really got me in the mood to get back to a major UT session]
- Suma (split w/UT plus two albums)

...then moving onto checking out Hooded Menace for the first time... Their name has been on my radar due to the Winter and (early) Cathedral references. The interview and details in the new Show no Mercy column scare me off a bit but I want to hear the MUSIC

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Regarding the Prurient + Wilt LP

I apologize if the information posted yesterday was not clear... Please do not send money yet! I will not be accepting orders until after the LPs have actually arrived here and I have sent out a release announcement.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

BloodLust! April 2009 Update

The April 2009 Update has been sent out to the mailing list, posted on the catalog weblog, and announced at all of the usual places. If you wish to join the mailing list please send an e-mail via the link at the upper right of...

Baby Droner

Massive congratulations go to Terence and Erica on the birth of their daughter, Eliot-Anne!!! The Locrian/Unlucky Atlas family expands... I expect the reviews to start flowing in, soon...

Soundtrack to Shipping and Receiving

Cathedral 1990-

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photos from Brutal Truth

I just stumbled upon some great photos from the Brutal Truth show on silverfuture's Flickr page. Here are little reproductions of a few of them, but to see the complete set at full size, please check the photographer's slideshow, here

Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff CD cover sneak peek

Proposed art for B!122 Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff CD front cover

B!122 Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff CD front cover

Prurient + Wilt LP - UPDATE

Regarding the Prurient + Wilt "Blood of the Lamb" LP --- Just to head off any more messages that might come my way --- and I am sorry for any confusion --- I will NOT have copies of the LP for about a week --- and due to the various delays that we have dealt with regarding this record, I will not be accepting orders until the LPs are on hand. Once I have them, I will make an announcement to my mailing list, on this weblog, to the HN_AM list, and on the Tronikes/Chondritic Sound board. It is safe to say that the edition will go quickly, so keep your eyes peeled...


B!098 Prurient + Wilt "Blood of the Lamb" LP

Monday, March 30, 2009

Locrian : Sound Projector

The band's BloodLust! 7-inch was recently reviewed, among other Locrian releases, on the Sound Projector website:

Animal Law... becoming...

Re-post from MySpace:

Hi Folks,

Here is a bit of news on what has been happening post-Animal Law...

In case you have not heard the recordings from our WHPK session from May 16, 2008, the tracks are still up on our page:

In fact, the online zine, Gradations of Morbity just listed these recordings as a staff pick:

For those who have not heard any news from us in a while, 3/5 of Animal Law (Blake Edwards, Dylan Posa, and Mark Solotroff) have been continuing on in a similar direction -- still without a name (but not for long!) -- and with a new bassist (Kenny Rasmussen, ex-No Funeral) and a new guitarist (Greg Ratajczak of Plague Bringer). We have been ensconced in Plague Bringer's practice space, all winter, working on completely new material, and preparing to make our live debut by mid-2009.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news soon...


TDS OGF Sneak Peek

B!116 TDS OGF 7-inch front cover concept
It was a pretty low-key weekend, aside from the Graveyards show on Friday. I am fighting a chest cold, or something...

Weekend viewing included:
"La Commune: Paris, 1871" (2000, Peter Watkins)
"La vie sexuelle des Belges 1950-1978" (1994, Jan Bucquoy)
"Prometheus Triumphant: A Fugue in the Key of Flesh" (2009, Jim Towns and Mike McKown)
Tons of ANTM re-runs, etc.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amebix Redux

I figured that I had better not take any chances with this next round of Amebix dates... tickets are already on sale for their Friday May 29th show at Reggie's Rock Club, so I ordered one. I also found out that there is a small Redrot component to the night...

Official State Portraits

Here is a sneak peek at the portrait that Ben Syverson -- the photographer responsible for many amazing BLOODYMINDED images -- was working on with me. I gather that these are scans of the prints taken with his 8" x 10" camera:


Black and White:

I wish that everyone in BLOODYMINDED was in one space so that Ben could take shots of us all for the next album...