Friday, May 15, 2009

Status - 5/15

- All paid mail-order and eBay packages were just sent out

- There will be a change to the line-up for the show on June 12. Right-Eye Rita will not be performing with Bruce Lamont and me. Update to follow...

- The Mauthausen Orchestra printing proof was approved and the covers are now in production

- Size small BLOODYMINDED T-shirts are temporarily out of stock

Locrian's Rhetoric in Heathen Harvest

Just posted in Heathen Harvest:

Friday, May 15 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper

Rhetoric of Surfaces

Artist: Locrian United States

Title: Rhetoric of Surfaces

Label: BloodLust! United States

Genre: Noise / Drone

Track Listing:

01 Drosscape
02 Burying the carnival
03 Gruen transfers
04 Visible/invisible
05 Chladni
06 Amps into instruments

Lava bubbles gets torn and immediately reborn in an eternal sequence in the eye of the trance induced spectator, each explosion is like a galactic creation in its own then fading away in the ever burning blur of this continuum. This is kind of an image triggered by experiencing this music. An aborted Black sabbath malformation going down into a decisive experimental noise bad trip. Locrian is a band from Chicago that apparently follows the atonal guitar experimentation preceded by the likes of Glen Branca only dressed in apparent drags of doom music or at the very least very gloomy vibes. “Rhetoric of surfaces” is a compilation of rare tracks released on several limited releases and splits with bands like Colossus and Continent, being some of the tracks live apparitions. All the works were carried out from 2006 to 2008. Terence Hannum and Andre Foisy the twosome behind Locrian play no fixed rules and just follow dogma of experimental improvisations it seems. They claim that they don’t idolize anyone in what they do and often feel beyond flattered when compared with legendary bands. All in all this is experimental post rock hopelessly submerged in post modern nightmares.

“Rhetoric of surfaces” takes no subterfuges when coming out of the speakers; it is confrontational and direct with the listener. Its form is a guitar noise declamation with a suffering soul. A set of guitar dirges manifest behind a never ending cascade of feedback noise that gets engulfed in reverberating mass of drones assaulting the comforting little peace of the spectator from the very first track and ultimately setting an atmosphere that is locked, suffocating, like intestinal peristaltic movements; suggesting: vastly organic and subterranean formations. To note is the fact that the continuous use of feedback based on pedal effects and colossal amplification that subsequently create huge waves of reverberation or the immense stellar clouds of drone made of guitar pieces are not the unique source of attraction during the quest. There is actually a guitar chord behind the gigantic wall of noise and additionally some strange odd effects that resemble at times the screams of a deranged hermit suffering the horrible visions coming from the syncopated riffs that quietly emanates from this aural trepidation.

Perhaps this is one of the principal subtle characteristics that define the noise definition of Locrian, they give a little play to the guitar and not necessarily limits its apparition as a mere instrument at the service of noise, the guitar strolls in acidic dirges that corrode the very bone crumb from the listener, this aspect and the additional fact that the effects applied to the whole body of sound (conformed by feedback and guitar noise drones mainly) adds an unnerving sensation to the experience. However, amidst all the subjective influences they achieve to produce on the listener, the experience as a whole never really gets recorded in the mind as something memorable. As any other kind of trip, dream or futile experience, its effects fade away in the ether leaving no trace of impression nor reclaiming a mandatory recordation.

Nevertheless noise cannot constitute a solid memorability in its own, its too amorphous, ultimately it may invariably shake the listener indeed, it is able to trigger sensations and even visions, but even those states are not consolidated by the experience in itself but above all by the mood of the listener. Its true, sonic evocations like “rhetorics of surfaces” will always trigger gloomy sensations or visions but these will invariably change with each listen as there is no truer memory consolidated in the shapeless reign conformed by walls of noise or mountains of feedback, as much you will get a deja vu or a vague remembrance of an aural landscape visited previously. No one will remind the sounds or effects after the instantaneous impression given through them has faded in the entropy of time. “Rhetoric of surfaces” achieves then a fleeting victory by shaking you, then disappears and probably will never come back again to you as product of a desire that was never coined in the mind of the listener.

Vinyl Rotations

Catching up on some un(der)-played vinyl of note, since my turntable has been under the weather for a few weeks:

Angeldust 7-inch (Heavy Psych)
Aaron Dilloway" "Chain Balled" 7-inch (Turgid Animal)
Emeralds "Fresh Air" 7-inch (A Soundesign Recording)
Eagle Twin/Night Terror (split) 7-inch (Red Light Sound)
Teeny Bopper "Play Date" 7-inch (Happy Face Entertainment)
v.a. Michigan Box (Hanson/RRR)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mauthausen Orchestra Tests Approved

And as a follow-up to the announcement from earlier today, the clear blue vinyl test pressings arrived for the new Mauthausen Orchestra single and they sound great. The pressing plant has been given my approval and they expect to ship the edition within two to three weeks.

BLOODYMINDED in Zero Tolerance

Conveniently clustered together... Interviews with/articles on BLOODYMINDED, Consumer Electronics, Brutal Truth --- my recent synth trifecta... in the May/June issue (#029) of Zero Tolerance Magazine

Mauthausen Orchestra Advance Notice

To give regular readers of this weblog a heads-up on the forthcoming limited edition Mauthausen Orchestra single, and to make sure that anyone interested does not miss out, I have created a reservation/waiting list for the record. I will not be accepting payment until the vinyl is in hand, as detailed below.


BloodLust! New Release - Out June 2009:

Artist: Mauthausen Orchestra
"High Opinion of Oneself" b/w "Lustful Youth"
Blue Vinyl 7-inch (33 RPM)
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 125
Genre: Noise / Experimental / Industrial / Power-Electronics
/ Minimal

B!125 Mauthausen Orchestra "High Opinion of Oneself" 7-inch front cover

Pressed in a numbered edition of only 100 copies; blue vinyl; royal blue labels with silver text; professionally-printed, color, fold-over sleeves; 33 RPM. Pierpaolo Zoppo once again returns to his full Mauthausen Orchestra name with two new songs, recorded for BloodLust! in 2006, as a follow-up to his "Where Are We Going?" CD (B!091, 2008). On his fourth 7-inch single for the label, Zoppo finds new corners of the austere, unsettling, and dark analog synth world to discover, despite the fact that many of his listeners are still left in the choking dust of his legacy of violent and raw power-electronics, as recently hinted at within the grooves of the vital Broken Flag box set released by Vinyl-on-demand in 2007. As with "Smooth Hate" (B!065, 7-inch, 2006), "Forbidden Ground" (B!056, 7-inch, 2006), "Lost in Boyz Town" (B!042, 7-inch, 1999), and "Raising Vapours" (B!033, CD, 1997), Zoppo continues the evolution from his earliest primitive, feedback-laden assaults to new heights (or rather, lows) of dysphoric and cold synthesizer noise-work.

1. "High Opinion of Oneself" (4:45)
2. "Lustful Youth" (5:19)


Price: $16.00 USA postpaid with First Class Mail / $18.00 Canada/Mexico postpaid with International First Class Mail / $20.00 Rest of World postpaid with International First Class Mail

Sorry, no wholesale

Note: DO NOT send PayPal payments --- Please e-mail to make your reservation --- first come, first served --- you will receive a message back to confirm availability --- on the day of release you will be instructed to send your PayPal payment.


The Quietus on The Sisters...

I enjoyed this article with my first espresso of the day:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cadaver In Drag Update

Work on B!120 Cadaver In Drag "Abuse/Breathing Sewage" CD is complete and I am awaiting a test copy of the disc, which should arrive by early next week. Although the band is no longer playing the Matchitehew Assembly, I still intend to release the CD by early-June.

News From Wierd

A couple of things of interest from the desktop of Pieter S.:

For anyone curious as to how fucking Intense the forthcoming new Yellow Tears and Pharmakon LPs are gonna be, heres a little preview from a few of our terrifying little frozen cold evenings at the WIERD Party in NYC were recently...make sure you make it till Margaret starts lettin the darkness rip at 1:40 or so into Part II, bless her little bloody black heart ...VR.

Yellow Tears Alive in the WIERD:
Part I :
Part II:

Pharmakon Alive in the WIERD:
Part I:
Part II:

Thanks so much to the mysterious Mr. Mathbill for video and the lovely Ms. Jane Chardiet for pix, many more are up here on the WIERD Flickr page which was just updated:


Wednesday May 13th, 11pm-4am
WIERD Records Presents an Evening of COLD ANALOGUE ELECTRONICS!!!
With Live Performances by:

HIVE MIND(Ann Arbor, MI)
R. JENCKS(Oakland, CA)
w DJ PIETER VR on the WIERD Wheels of Pleasure!
Doors 10pm, first band on at 11pm sharp
$5 - all proceeds go to touring bands for travel expenses

WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St at Delancey
Take J or M trains to Bowery, F train to Delancey, or
B or D to Grand Street

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We just got our T-shirt re-stock order. The "RAT" and "FLEA" designs are now available in SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and EXTRA-LARGE --- $15.00 USA/$20.00 World, each, including First Class Postage.


BLOODYMINDED "Within the Walls" T-Shirt Mock-Up 2

BLOODYMINDED "Within the Walls" T-Shirt Mock-Up 1

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Horrors! Kills!

I went to see The Horrors and The Kills last night at Metro... it was some much-needed and great rock and roll. The Horrors basically stuck to their new album, which could not have been better for me... even if it meant nearly coming to fisticuffs with a certain ex-member of BLOODYMINDED and Intrinsic Action over our opposing opinions about which is their clearly better album. But since it was a sold-out show and a VIP table with a great view was involved, I kept calm... Ha ha! The mix of hard shoegazer guitars and mutated synth parts rang out in a blissfully distorted way over Metro's big PA. Nice! And I had not seen The Kills in a few years... since doing so with Mr. NG5361 and said ex-member, etc., at The Empty Bottle -- and I figured that they really needed to step up their stage presence game to not get lost on Metro's large stage... which they did, quite successfully, I would say. The cover versions were a bit on the obvious side (Patsy Cline and Screamin' Jay Hawkins), but I guess that they worked. For such a retro-based style, the duo does have an appealingly future rock 'n roll thing about them -- even if it is in a sort of turn-of-the-milleneum Sonik Mook sort of way. I cannot believe that I just typed that. Ah well... Will power was in strong supply later (even if somehow derailed even later) as a nightcap stop at a shockingly sedate Kuma's remained burger-free. Off to see Mom...

Rare eBay Slaughters

There is a copy of the rare 1990 Mauthausen Orchestra vinyl anthology -- "Five Years of Slaughter" -- currently up on eBay