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From New City Chicago

Preview: Bloodyminded/Empty Bottle

Chicago Artists, Electronic/Dance, Experimental, Noise



Edgy, nightmarish scream-noise groups have always been a mixed bag. Some work, some don’t, and it’s unusually difficult to discern precisely why. Long-running Bloodyminded, which began in New York but now calls Chicago home, was founded by Mark Solotroff, he of Intrinsic Action underground fame. Sonically the band pushes boundaries with its grating stew of loops, synthesizer, feedback and vicious screaming and, in person, the result is hypnotizing and terrifying. Bloodyminded’s avant-garde aesthetic challenges the audience with industrial indulgence, mechanical, haunting and at times brilliant. Not for everyone—hell, this is only for a small few—but those who can get into it have much to gain. This could get uncomfortable. (Tom Lynch)

Nightmares - Zero Tolerance Scan

Again, with thanks to Scott McKeating (and Calum Harvie)!

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From The Empty Bottle website:

MALEDICERE, two fellas from Minnesota specializing in heavy, aggressive yet atmospheric Black Metal make their debut appearance at the Bottle tonight. With several tapes to their credit and an unrelenting 7" split with UNO ACTU, MALEDICERE has been praised by Wormgear Zine for their "Satanic pulse of harsh dissonance, delivering unearthly tones and cold reverberations that purify themselves against the damp basement walls in which they were recorded." Originally formed in New York (and with members scattered across the globe), BLOODYMINDED currently call Chicago home. Their relentlessly caustic live show will tear ears in half with "layers of screeching analog synthesizer, aggressively delivered vocals, and a copious amount of feedback." Electronic drone metal heads LOCRAIN return tonight and we are hoping for preview tracks from their upcoming Territories LP scheduled to hit in March 2010. Their disembodied, doomed pieces are among our favorites, and even the Chicago Reader has taken note praising their "alien beauty" and "eerily gorgeous noise." Kicking off tonight's exercise in heaviness are local purveyors of ringing ears SUN SPLITTER.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

BloodLust! January 2010 Update

The BloodLust! January 2010 Update has been sent out to everyone on the mailing list and it has been posted on the B! catalog blog. Please get in touch ( if you wish to receive these monthly updates via e-mail.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Synthesizer Do It Yourself... Cut-Outs

I just ran across this site... a fun follow-up to the synth pillows that I posted about back in February.

News from Verba Corrige + Sigillum S


Sigillum S "Wroclaw 111107" live cd is ready for shipping.

You can order your copy by clicking here:

Please also note that within two months Verba Corrige Productions will start to reissue the whole Italian Industrial Archive featuring projects like FAR, Tasaday, Capricorni Pneumatici, Giancarlo Toniutti, Sigillum S, LA1919 and many others. Each release will be limited and presented in a special DVD size packaging (like the above cd).

As well Sigillum S are working on a new studio album as well unreleased material will be published in 2010/2011.

Thanks a lot for your support and all the best for the New Year coming!

Verba Corrige Productions


Roland S. Howard

I just read that former Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, Crime and the City Solution, etc., member Roland S. Howard died today, following a battle with liver cancer. I saw Crime and the City Solution play two extremely memorable shows at Cabaret Metro (1986/1990?) -- the earlier one being a particularly significant event in my cosmology -- and I have been a fan of so much music that he has written and played on. I love his guitar playing and he was a true rock and roll character.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nightmares + Locrian in Top 10 on It's A Trap!

With thanks, some kind words from Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words on It's A Trap!

Top 10s for 2009: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words

Most plays 2009 (Not necessarily released in 2009)

Nightmares — s/t (, , 7")
Got this a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop playing it.
Jonathan Canady, David Reed & Mark Solotroff team up for some primitive, cold, analog synth darkness.

Current 93 — Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain (, 2LP)
Far from the best C93 have done, but it's still a very nice and varied album. An ecclectic mix of stoner rock, almost jazzy numbers and finger picking guitars. The LP bonus track was a major letdown though.

Current 93 — Black Ships ate the sky (, 2LP)
It took me a couple of years, but I finally realized the greatness of this one this year. Now I rank it up there with
"Dogs blood rising" and "The inmost light" trilogy.

Walknut — Graveforests and their shadows (, LP)
Nazis or not, this is probably my all time favourite Black Metal album and I am so happy it's finally out on vinyl. Epic, monotonous and desperate.

Down In June — Covers... Death In June (Download, )
There are some truly sensational versions on this album, some are even better than the original versions.

Hadewych – s/t (, CD)
Stumbled on
Hadewych on MySpace. An intriguing mix of drone, neo folk, electronica, black metal and quite a few other influences.

Agent Side Grinder — The transatlantic tape project (/, C38/LP)
My first thought when I got the tape this summer was that this ought to be available to a lot more people. Thankfully Enfant Terrible thought the same thing and repressed it on vinyl along with the brand new, proper ASG album. It's a quirky collection of songs showcasing the more abstract side of the band.

Bronze — s/t (, 7")
I just can't stop playing the B-side of this. Gothic, hypnotic space rock.

Dernière Volonté – Les blessures de l'ombre (, LP)
Older than dirt, but actually a resent discovery for me. Military Pop at its finest.

Locrian - Drenched lands (, LP+3" CD-r)
Another MySpace find from 2009. Ritualistic drone with a healthy dose of Black Metal and Folk influences. Now if I could just find a CD player to play the 3".

Monday, December 28, 2009

Revised Poster for February 2, 2010

Revised Poster for February 2, 2010 Show

No 2/5 Show

The February 5th show at The Mopery with Bruce Lamont and Right-Eye Rita that had been posted on MySpace and Facebook will not be happening. Rita will be playing with her group Walkie-Talkies instead. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the earlier posts.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Phases : Three" among Zola Jesus 2009 Favorites


22 Dec 2009

After dropping two fine singles last year, Danilova kicked off 2009 by releasing the excellent Tsar Bomba EP, followed by the New Amsterdam CD-R and finally, her much anticipated debut album The Spoils this summer. Good year for Zola Jesus.
Here's a list of her favorite releases from 2009.

In no particular order:
COUM Transmissions: The Sound Of Porridge Bubbling [Dais]
Le Syndicat: Timespace Losses [Monochrome Vision]
Macronympha: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [Trash Ritual]
Various Artists: Pundartugg [Styggelse]
Factums: Flowers [Sacred Bones]
Sewer Goddess: Sewer Goddess [Baseborn]
Fever Ray: Fever Ray [Rabid Records]
Mauthausen Orchestra: they never learn [Trash Ritual]
Bloodyminded: Phases:Three [Rococo]
Grey Wolves: Judgement [Hospital Productions]
Naked on the Vague: Chitty Chat 7" [Sacred Bones]

Year End on Ecstatic Peace!

Our friend David Russell was most kind in his year end summary on the Ecstatic Peace! website.

David Russell | A Soundesign Recording / Jerk / Relentless Corpse
I got to see Uneven Universe and Burial Hex twice each this year in Chicago, both acts are on the next level, some of my favorite music this year. But the real treat of '09 for me was seeing Nate Young four times in Ohio as both Hatred and Regression. Nate's recent sets are exactly where my mind is at.
Solid first time performances from Mark Solotroff's Anatomy Of Habit and Nightmares, and classic BLOODYMINDED at Matchitehew in Chicago. Inspiring free music from Han Bennink, playing solo at Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery in Chicago. Evan Parker & Ned Rothenberg at Fairchild Chapel in Oberlin. J Guy Laughlin, Tiger Hatchery and Wasteland Jazz Unit all over the midwest.
Exceptional Chicago shows from: ONO and Travis solo, Oakeater and Volahn at Matchitehew, Sightings at The Mopery, Throbbing Gristle and Emeralds at Logan Sq. Auditorium. But the one that moved me the most was Halflings at The Empty Bottle, intense, I had no idea.
Ohio: Caroliner in Oberlin was just incredible. My favorite band right now is a toss up, Kent's Moth Cock and Cleveland scummers Dead Peasant Insurance, both consistently solid this year.