Monday, January 25, 2010

AoH in Phase

Anatomy of Habit visited Phase Recording Studios last night, to meet with Andrew Ragin (The Atlas Moth) and to discuss his ideas for our record. We will be keeping the skeletal material that was already completed, utilizing Phase for what should be some monstrous drum, percussion, and bass sessions, along with taking care of my vocals. The idea will be to take advantage of the building's natural reverb and to experiment with some creative microphone placement. Dylan got to geek out on a nice drum kit with vintage cymbals and Kenny utilized a very weird ladies' room. I learned that I will be singing through a vintage, original Telefunken U-47 (from the 1940s, I believe), among other mics. Andrew had some really cool ideas for how he wanted to do these sessions and I think that we are all really psyched to get back there in February - and to finally wrap up our first album.

The drive up to the studio followed a Kuma's session (my second of the weekend) with Blake and Ms. Lori, which ended up as a sprint through our food, due to us running late to the studio. We also had a 3/5 band outing earlier in the day to see the grim new Michael Haneke film, "The White Ribbon." Perfect for the damp, gray day. It was a ridiculous weekend for feasting, with a Kuma's trip on Saturday afternoon with Isidro and a family dinner thing that night at an Indian/Nepalese restaurant (Mt. Everest Restaurant) that was absolutely delicious.... Not to mention the acquisition of some really nice dark chocolate on Saturday afternoon. Time to run... further...