Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recent Listening

- Black Mountain Transmitter "Black Goat"
- Vertonen (title TBA; BloodLust! cassette pre-release)
- Liars "Sisterworld" (Mute Records)
- Ural Umbo "s/t" (Utech Records) [With Steven Hess from Haptic and Reto M├Ąder from Sum of R, whose music I have spun at Death Musick Ritual; nice to see the cover photograph by Rik Garrett... his photography is also on the last Plague Bringer CD]
- Isolation Ward "Point Final" (LTM)
- Maledicere "Black Prosperity And Hate/Scythe Of The Sun" (tour CD) and split 7-inch with Uno Actu (God is Myth)
- Wicked King Wicker "God Is Busy...Save Yourself" (Cold Spring)
- v.a. "They Don't Know Unless You Tell Them" (Flingco Sound System) [digital compilation with Haptic, WRNLRD, etc.]

Some good choices for this shitty deep freeze...