Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Status - 1/13

I did a big mail run yesterday, to catch up with all outstanding paid orders -- not including the BLOODYMINDED Trophy T-shirts, which will be mailed out at the beginning of next week. I appreciate everyone's patience during this extremely busy time!

Anatomy of Habit is hard at work, as always, preparing for our next show on 2/15, working on future bookings, and preparing to visit a new studio where we might be finally wrapping up our recording sessions. More on that as it develops...

BLOODYMINDED is doing additional prep work for our late-April shows, and we just learned that Envenomist will be playing the 4/23 Chicago show with Sightings and us -- and of course the Minneapolis show on 4/24 at Heavy Focus III. We are also talking with David about joining us on synth again for these shows...

The Fortieth Day is a couple weeks away from our next show, which will also officially mark the release of the "Pelusium: 540 AD" CD, a re-release of the Cipher Productions cassette.

Like so many people today, I imagine, I have been glued to the news channels, watching the coverage of the Haiti earthquake, which I am about to resume. Fucking intense, to say the least.