Saturday, January 02, 2010


From The Empty Bottle website:

MALEDICERE, two fellas from Minnesota specializing in heavy, aggressive yet atmospheric Black Metal make their debut appearance at the Bottle tonight. With several tapes to their credit and an unrelenting 7" split with UNO ACTU, MALEDICERE has been praised by Wormgear Zine for their "Satanic pulse of harsh dissonance, delivering unearthly tones and cold reverberations that purify themselves against the damp basement walls in which they were recorded." Originally formed in New York (and with members scattered across the globe), BLOODYMINDED currently call Chicago home. Their relentlessly caustic live show will tear ears in half with "layers of screeching analog synthesizer, aggressively delivered vocals, and a copious amount of feedback." Electronic drone metal heads LOCRAIN return tonight and we are hoping for preview tracks from their upcoming Territories LP scheduled to hit in March 2010. Their disembodied, doomed pieces are among our favorites, and even the Chicago Reader has taken note praising their "alien beauty" and "eerily gorgeous noise." Kicking off tonight's exercise in heaviness are local purveyors of ringing ears SUN SPLITTER.