Monday, February 01, 2010

Status - 2/1

- The BloodLust! February 2010 Update was sent out to the mailing list and was posted on the B! catalog page, etc. If you wish to receive these updates via e-mail, please send a message to:

- Mail-order, eBay, and Discogs packages were sent out on Friday afternoon. A new batch from the weekend's orders is being prepared to go to the Post Office.

- Last night, Isidro and I reviewed Lisa's video footage/loops for our Tuesday night show (The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush) at The Empty Bottle. Her program includes some of the most organic and mesmerizing images that she has brought to the collaboration, yet. It should be amazing to watch! This show will serve as our three-year anniversary of working together.

- Scott McKeating has written a great review of the forthcoming Locrian "Territories" LP. It is in issue #24 of Rock-A-Rolla magazine (Liars cover). Thanks, Scott! Also, issue #33 of Zero Tolerance has a review of the Michael Williams 7-inch with the BLOODYMINDED "Ten Suicides" remix.

- Binging on the new Tindersticks album, "Falling Down A Mountain"... The song "Peanuts" is making me crazy...