Saturday, March 06, 2010

Heavy Focus Compilation with BLOODYMINDED

Small Doses and Phage Tapes have just released this 2CD compilation to raise funds for the Heavy Focus Festival that BLOODYMINDED is playing at in April. We contributed a live version of "Ten Suicides" with Jason Schuler from Cadaver in Drag on vocals, recorded live at the Matchitehew Assembly, in June of 2009. Lots of other BloodLust! artists and friends appear on it, too...


various artists: heavy focus 2xcdr

This compilation was put together to raise some funds for the Heavy Focus Fest this April. It features most of the artists scheduled to perform. All profits go to cover costs and pay the traveling artists. Co-released with Phage Tapes. 2 cdrs and insert packaged in a hand-screened arigato pack.

disc 1
1. Squid Fist- Hall Mall
2. Climax Denial- Push My Buttons (Libido Mix)
3. Being- Take Off
4. Regoshere- Pitbull Holocaust
5. Seth Ryan- 01cnn_frk
6. Wilt- Bodies Fall Away
7. xALLxFORxTHISx- Throat
8. Grain Belt- Devil's Whip
9. Werewolf Jerusalem- Left With Nightmares
10. Koufar- The Difference
11. Custodian- Untitled No. 37

disc 2
1. Teeth Collection- Untitled
2. Juhyo- The Buried Session
3. Disthroned Agony- Eternal Blackout Inebriation
4. Bloodyminded (Featuring Jason Schuler)- Ten Suicides (Live)
5. Cock ESP- Sliced Cuntz
6. Paranoid Time- No Entertainment IV, VIII & IX
7. Infirmary- Close The Gates
8. Plasmic Formations- Untitled
9. Gnawed- Ostrich
10. Locrian- Inverted Ruins
11. Envenomist- Angelic

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