Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Early Show - The Late Shift

Excellent sets last night from Sun Splitter [Way more aggressive than I have seen them, with some raging dueling blackened riffs.], Dead Times [I knew that they would be pumping some ugly bass through that PA. Last year's Matchitehew Assembly only hinted at what they came back to unleash last night... MZ.412, Havohej... shit, I am not even sure what they released on us. A very dark place.], and The Body [What a determined man with no voice is still capable of summoning up. Ugly, ugly music, filled with dread.]. Thanks to those who made the effort to get out early for this one! Thanks to the Empty Bottle for hosting.

I was sorry to have to eat and run and miss the second show... Neil Jendon sitting in with Andre from Locrian?!? Fuck, a potential shredfest! But Anatomy of Habit had a mixing/overdub session scheduled... and I got to walk into a damned cool surprise, which I am not even going to talk about here... just you wait until July to hear it. Yep. July 10th has been designated as our release show...