Sunday, May 16, 2010

Status - 5/16

- Packing up the first batch of weekend orders to send out tomorrow

- Saw a cool show last night, headlined by Sleeping with the Earth, from Portland. I realized that I had not seen Eric play since BLOODYMINDED did a few shows with him in February 2005 (Detroit, Champaign, Chicago), when I was dying from bronchitis and coughing up blood. That was a charming night at Buddy, as some will remember. But fuck, it was that long ago? Really? Then it was off to the La Mere Vipere reunion party at Clubfoot. In the words of Xavier, "punk's not dead." You had to be there... But at least it knocked me out of my Doors album retrospective from yesterday -- but only to nudge me back into a Bowie "Heroes" thing today...

- Off to Kuma's to celebrate Isidro's birthday, and then hopefully to Mortville, to see Coppertone, Rrind, etc.