Monday, May 03, 2010

Status - 5/3

- Following a busy weekend of catching up from the "lost" week before, spending two days at Art Chicago/Next, and making a massive amount of progress on the Anatomy of Habit LP yesterday, it is off to a session with Isidro for The Fortieth Day tonight

- All outstanding paid orders were sent out on Post Office runs on Saturday and this evening

- Speaking of mail, following the weekend of BLOODYMINDED shows and two recent P.O. box pick ups, I am buried under a mountain of new music that I am very slowly making my way through... New 7-inch singles by Wilt (Husk Records) and Neuntöter der Plage (Nurse Etiquette) were immediate picks to play... do not sleep on either of this little slabs of vinyl darkness! I will try to respond to everyone ASAP but it will take a while to get through all of the tapes, CDs, records, and zines/chapbooks

- The Fecalove 7-inch sleeves are in production at the printer and the audio master should be heading to the pressing plant very soon

- The Masturbatory Dysfunction CD master is in-hand and it is a total scorcher. I am really excited by how well it turned out!

- I am still catching up on a few things but I should be sending/posting the May update in a day or two, marking the "public" release of the BLOODYMINDED "Boston 2009" CD and the Los Heraldos Negros "Vivir Mejor" CD, which is another killer! Thanks for being patient...