Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vital on Vertonen

From Vital

VERTONEN - CRESTING (cassette by Bloodlust!)
Blake Edwards recently surprised us with three 3"CDRs and a split LP, now he arrives with the first of four, quarterly 3"CDRs as well as a cassette. The first 3" was intended to be a cassette release that never happened. The cover lists three tracks, but on the CDR there are only two, although its very well possible they are merged together. Its here that Vertonen works out his recent interests into deeply moving textured pieces of drone music. Although densely layered, there is some great subtleness gong in these pieces. Vertonen's music works on all dynamic levels and is put together in an excellent way. The two/three pieces mark his progression in this. The US counterpart to Eliane Radigue.
I expected the cassette to be somewhat more noise based, seeing it released on Bloodlust!, but its rather not. Vertonen's recent work deals, mostly, with drone like music, like on the 3"CDR, which is continued here, although altogether of a more heavy nature. Five tracks here, of which the first is a more quieter outing, but then 'Scotoma' is pretty loud and very dense. "Tackypnoea' is more quiet again. 'Mains Collapse' on the b-side is a more ambient industrial drone-scape, whereas 'Deep Water Blackout' sounds like airwave loops flying about. An excellent cassette release. Quite powerful, and highly varied. Not as delicate as the 3"CDR, but fine enough. (FdW)

- And FYI, I have been playing the 3-inch a good bit this past week and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the B! cassette, or who likes some tasty synth work...