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B!057 BLOODYMINDED "Magnetism" CD (Re-Release)

BloodLust! Re-Release

Title: "Magnetism"
Format: CD in Digipak
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 057
Genre: Experimental / Industrial / Noise / Power-Electronics

B!057 BLOODYMINDED "Magnetism" CD - Front Cover

BloodLust! is pleased to announce the re-release of "Magnetism," the fourth full-length BLOODYMINDED album --
originally introduced in 2006 and out-of-print for well over two years. Surprisingly released little more than a year after their previous full-length, "Gift Givers" [B!045, 2005], this album demonstrated a disturbingly updated approach to the band’s sound. It is comprised of fifteen feedback-drenched tracks -- ten of which are relatively full-length songs and five of which are the band’s trademark blast songs, although track length lines may be a bit blurred in the greater context of the album. Some listeners might equate the sound of "Magnetism" to the band’s often urgent and turbulent live sound -- certainly more so now, as the group has focused on several of these songs in the live setting over the past four years. This album features much more abstract, eccentric, and guttural vocals, which encompass screaming, howling, yelling, moaning, etc., and without a doubt, it strongly divided listener opinion. "Magnetism" ultimately became the foundation for a suite of related work, and it was followed by the "PHASES : ONE" cassette [B!063, 2006], the "PHASES : TWO" CD [B!074, 2007], and the "PHASES : THREE" triple 7-inch box set on Rococo Records [2009]. The final chapter in this obsessive, lunar-themed grouping, the "PHASES : FOUR" 12-inch, is recorded and mastered and is now awaiting release. As with "Gift Givers," "Magnetism" was co-produced by Brian Joseph Gaynor and Mark Solotroff, this time utilizing a new studio, Slang Musicgroup, which was primarily known for prominent Chicago hip-hop and house music recordings. Megan Emish, ex-founding band member, and ongoing designer, created the handsome Digipaks that house the discs. Professionally replicated CDs; packaged in shrinkwrapped black and white Digipaks; Approximately 46-minutes in length.



Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - AIDS Ward (3:35)

Girlfriend Announced That She Is Beginning Professional
Treatment For Severe Depression (3:15)

Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By
Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse (4:28)

Small Hands (0:15)

Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - Psychiatric Ward
- 24-Hour Observation - Suicide Watch (8:06)

Fashion Model Turned Prostitute Turned Enlightened Sex-
Worker (4:08)

Curved Cervix (0:24)

Numb (1:07)

First Visit To A City Health Clinic - Chicago - AIDS Test
- Panic (3:28)

Shotgun Held To Face By Severely Crosseyed Addict
While Attempting To Physically Remove Girlfriend From
Known Drug House (4:04)

Cult One (Spiritual) (0:21)

Second Visit To A City Health Clinic - Brooklyn - AIDS Test
- At The Start Of Potentially Serious Relationship With
Recovering Alcoholic And Addict (2:25)

Girlfriend's Need To Be Successful Is Driven By Physically
Abusive Father - Bulimia As Side Effect (6:14)

Cult Two (Sexual) (0:29)

Sexually Timid Girlfriend Putting Herself Through Art School
By Working As A Stripper - Rape Victim (4:03)


Select Reviews:

Unbelievable new CD from this always pummeling Chicago-based noise unit. Combining the outrageous yucks of the most doofy heavy metal, concertos of scalp-scalding feedback, blurts of semi-distinct vocals and almost parodic use of post-Whitehouse psycho-surgical titles (“Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - AIDS Ward”, “Shotgun Held To Face By Severely Crosseyed Addict While Attempting To Physically Remove Girlfriend From Known Drug House”), Bloodyminded work fists of black noise into ferociously euphoric power dunts. Totally singular and highly recommended. -- Volcanic Tongue

From the outset it sounds like someone dropped a mic into hell and hit "record." Reading the track titles inside the stunning digipak makes that assessment seem not entirely far-fetched. This incredibly intense and noisy album takes a remarkably different, though not altogether unexpected, departure from earlier Bloodyminded material. The vocals (if there really are any) are completely obscured, being replaced by a wide array of processed screams. The sound is incredibly dense but not muddied: all of the synths, feedback, and other sounds maintain an amazing level of clarity in the mix together with the bestial screams. What results is an incredibly personal, direct, and tormented recording. There are so many different things happening at once, producing such a variety of noisy sounds (from drones to feedback), "Magnetism" is entirely engaging and an exciting listen. With so much lack-luster noise and power electronics out there, this is a true gem. Certainly one of the most intense, emotionally draining, and powerful albums -- ever. -- Diophantine Discs

Aaron Dilloway recommended this album and yeah I'm a sucker for that so I didn't hear this 2006 album until now. It's crazy though. It's noise, yeah, but it's somewhat romantic. It has a story even. Check the songtitles -'Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - Aids Ward' -'Girlfriend Announces That She Is Beginning Professional Treatment For Severe Depression' -'Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse' -'Shotgun Held To Face By A Severely Crosseyed Addict While Attempting To Physically Remove Girlfriend From Known Drug House' .......and so on. I wonder if the guy is talking about real life experience cos that's heavy shit right there. The sounds are equally FUCKED UP. There's the screams, the piercing effects, sawing your limbs off drones. It's nowhere near what you might expect if you never heard noise, or just once listened to Merzbow and decided it was crap. It might even be moving. --

Imagina que William Bennett y Michael Gira se hubiesen encontrado en 1984 y que de esa reunión hubiera salido una deforme, animalesca, brutal mezcla de los aspectos más salvajes de Swans y Whitehouse y tendrías, aproximadamente, algo similar a "Magnetism". Provocando feedback incontrolable en micrófonos, forjando oleadas de caos en graves oscilaciones y, sobre todo, gritando y gruñendo y encimando, manipulando, deformando, amplificando y disecando cada partícula de sonido que flotase a su alrededor, Bloodyminded han logrado grabar uno de los discos más estresantes y violentos en mucho tiempo. A través de quince temas cuyos títulos hacen referencia a episodios extremos y personales que van de lo retorcidamente cómico -"Shotghun held to face by severely crosseyed addict while attempting to physically remove girlfriend from know drug house"- a la directa mala vibra -"Girlfriend attempts to explain schizophrenic episode by revealing childhood sexual abuse"-, la banda da muestra de lo que es catársis a partir de una nueva forma de shock rock, con intensas regresiones en vez de canciones, gritos que van del dolor a la furia en vez de vocales, zumbidos en vez de melodías y cólera y neurosis en vez de virtusismo o romanticismo. Absolutamente brutal, intensa y dolorosa pornografía aural. -- S.S., Ruido Horrible

Totally depressing sociopathic noise from a weird guy from Detroit (sic.). The songs titles are too upsetting to repeat but I don't think there are any lyrics just zombie moans and schizo-feedback. Seriously diseased.


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