Monday, June 14, 2010

Status - 6/14

- As of noon today, all mail-order/distro/Discogs packages have been sent out for orders received by 7:00 AM this morning. Thanks for the ongoing support on the recent releases!

- The Fortieth Day continue regular Monday night sessions, tonight... This will be the first opportunity to blast away with the Korg Monotron through a bigger amp and an array of FX

- Anatomy of Habit continue work tomorrow on a new song called "Then Window." We made great progress with it last week and hopefully we can settle on a solid ending. Josh from Plague Bringer recently took band member head shots, which we intend to use on the inner sleeve of the LP. Mastering/cutting is booked at Chicago Mastering Service. We will be working with Jason Ward, who did such an excellent job cutting the two Locrian LPs

- The master for The Guilt Of... CD is in-house and packaging design is underway. Please note that these will not be available at Sunday's "Ten Suicides" extravaganza, as was originally hoped

- Expected for late(r) this week: BLOODYMINDED "Magnetism" CD and Fecalove "Dead Weight" 7-inch

- Recommended show: Tomorrow (6/15) -- Grain Belt + The Vomit Arsonist + Is + Custodian + Fatale + Gnawed + PTM at The Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western Ave. (I hope to make it, depending upon what time practice ends...)