Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Status - 6/16

- Mail-order is up-to-date

- Anatomy of Habit worked extra-hard last night on the new song, "Then Window," which has some tricky timing issues, and whatnot, and aside from a definitive ending, we seem to have pretty much settled on a basic structure... for now...

- I managed to get out of practice in time to catch the second half of the show at the Viaduct Theater. I arrived just before Fatale started and it was great to finally see/hear Elizabeth perform her blend of harsh noise walls and mutated vocals...and teddybears. Gnawed was up next, blasting out a heavy death-industrial verging on a classic, punishing old-school industrial sort of thing. Excellent! He was then joined by Grainbelt who brought a truly intense metal-on-metal assault, laced with piercing feedback. I was able to take them in much better, compared to Minneapolis in April, so it was nice to have another opportunity so soon. The Vomit Arsonist capped off the night with a death-industrial/power-electronics hybrid, marked by frustration, self-destruction and fury. Perfect. It was an excellent line-up, overall, and I am sorry to have missed Is, Custodian, and PTM, due to practice/recording. Really good mix/sound, too -- Shauna rules! Cool to see so many friends there!!

- Practice with Plague Bringer tonight -- hopefully done in time to zoom over to the Empty Bottle to see Indian Jewelry. Their new album, "Totaled," is probably my most played recent release -- alongside the new Frank (Just Frank) album on Wierd Records - "The Brutal Wave" - that Pieter just put out. Still settling into the new Ulaan Khol "III" album. I love "I" and "II" and this new one is a bit of a departure... maybe a bit more song structure???