Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Status - 6/23

- All mail-order is up-to-date -- and all paid order for "Magnetism" are in the mail. On the store/distro side, you should soon be able to find the CD via Apop, Hanson, and Revolver USA

- The Fortieth Day took Monday night off, since Isidro and I had a rather busy weekend, but Anatomy of Habit worked for about four hours last night, further honing the structure of the new song, "Then Window," and refreshing older songs in preparation for our July 10th show with Wolf Eyes

- After practice, Kenny and I made it over to The Empty Bottle in time to catch Floor. The medium-sized crowd was pretty enthusiastic, singing along, at times, to the group's more catchy numbers. It has been ages since I have listened to all of the old Floor vinyl that I have but I need to re-visit some singles, as much of what I heard last night was unfamiliar to me. Lots of veterans of the Eyehategod weekend were in attendance, and we all shared a similar "fatigue sentiment"...Ha!