Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Status - 7/20

- Starting to get the word out about the new CDs

- All paid orders for the fecalove 7-inch are up-to-date

- Busy weekend... managed to make it to Liars, John Wiese, and Follows at the Bottom Lounge on Friday night. Cool show. Follows sounded really good... only my second time seeing them. Following a bit in the footsteps of Atombombpocketknife (part of their lineage), etc. Dark, brooding, post-NYC noise rock. John Wiese made use of the powerful PA at the Bottom Lounge not by brute force, but with the most sonically complex set that I have ever heard in my many times seeing him. Great big swarms of abstract sound swirled around the large room. And yes, it had people plugging their ears. At times, you could feel sound waves bellowing out of the speakers. Really interesting stuff... probably the most compelling set of his that I have witnessed. I was surprised to not run into a single local noise scene person there. Liars were high energy, at times dark, at times fun. I have seen them close to ten times and they never let me down. This was a bit lighter than some sets from them, but not in an unwelcome way. And amazing that they played an hour-plus set - at near full-tilt - after having played earlier at Pitchfork. Also great to have made it to Terence Hannum's opening of Negative Altars at Peregrine Program. Beautiful work... The pentagonal tape loop was tops!