Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Status - 7/27

- Saw/heard cool music last night at Beauty Bar from Three Legged Race (Robert Beatty of Hair Police) and Tärr, both of whom played really great sets... and fucking loud, too. My god, when Robert kicked in it was almost too much!?!? Those horns/speakers (whatever) in the back space pack quite a punch! There was a nice contrast between his minimal techno that turned into vicious noise and Philip Kruse's deep, dark drone-wall style. It is always great to see Robert live and I hope to catch Tärr again soon. It was not necessarily my ideal atmosphere for that type of a show, but it is cool that the Beauty Bar folks are willing to host challenging music -- and it was fun to see a bunch of friends and hear good live sounds, nonetheless.

- Big mail run today to catch up on the weekend's orders. Thank to everyone who has supported the recent releases!