Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Status - 7/7

- Both the Masturbatory Dysfunction and The Guilt Of... test CDs arrived yesterday. They look great and I plan to listen to them each a few times before approving them. I anticipate being on track for availability by July 15

- After an unexpected delay at the pressing plant, the Fecalove single is supposed to be pressed today and shipped out ASAP. Ultra-annoying, but they should be here shortly...

- Although I had the best intentions of heading downtown to see Disappears at Millennium Park on Monday, and possibly making it up to the Bastard Noise show, I was lured away by an end-of-the-holiday-weekend back-porch dinner party with a group of friends, and with delicious food... oh well. Luckily, I made it out of AoH practice by 11:00 last night, so I managed to head over to the Empty Bottle with Isidro just in time to catch Zoroaster, who were excellent, as always. I was sorry to have missed Dark Castle, but at least I got to see Stevie from Dark Castle sing on my favorite Zoroaster song, "Spirit Molecule," which they ended their set with. nice!