Sunday, September 12, 2010

AoH Show Recap

My thanks to all of our friends who came out to support us last night. It was a tough one, against the Wire and Sonar festivals, plus various other shows going on... With a scant 50 people total in the room, the Abbey Pub can feel pretty empty, but everything worked out alright. Our friend Shauna from the Viaduct Theater did live sound for us, which was awesome. She kicked ass. We really hope to keep her in the fold, whenever possible. All in all, it was a fun night of diverse sounds... It was cool to finally see E.T. Habit - from King Crimson proggy weirdness to more aggro, Chrome-tinged psychedelic punk... Lechuguillas sounded mega-huge over that PA, like I knew that they would, and it struck me that Camacho looked like a Zurbarán painting under the downward facing, back-wall spotlights, behind his drum kit. Disrobe kicked everything off with their high-energy, manic thrash, and they were tighter than I have ever seen them... We will be back at the Abbey Pub in a month or so... then at the Empty Bottle in late-November... We will have an interesting new song, next time, I fucking swear to god! Everyone said that we should have played longer... I know, I know... we just needed to re-group a bit, after the "paternity" hiatus. It was great to see the audience come right up to the stage, immediately, and to have such strong enthusiasm and energy while we played -- so thank you for that! The recording of the show sounds good, but what it fails to depict is how on-fire Kenny was, attacking his gear as if he was possessed! I think that spurred us all on to push things even further... just amazing! Thanks to Sean and the Abbey Pub for having us back, to Steve, the house sound guy - for being ultra-cooperative and easy going, and of course to Shauna for making us sound...better!