Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Fortieth Day Versus James Mangrum

Last night was an interesting one. Maybe partly due to being "High on the Hog" after starting the evening at Kuma's (and running running into a couple of Frontier guys)... The September special burger is the Black Oak Arkansas (thus, my need for multiple puns, etc.) - a 10oz patty on a pretzel roll - topped with feral wild boar bacon, red wine BBQ/steak sauce, aged white cheddar cheese, and Three Floyds Alpha King beer battered deep fried shallot rings. Fucking delicious! "Jim Dandy to the Rescue" or a severe Kuma's coma? Whatever the case, Isidro and I started of on a much more subtle path last night, which has been something that I have really enjoyed over the past month, or so. The big build-ups seem so much more rewarding this way. We are definitely adding a greater sense of dynamics to these sessions, which has been evident in the recordings.