Monday, September 06, 2010

Recent Rotation

Lots of the same albums have been getting repeat play here, with some new things being added from time to time. Mid-2010 yielded some great releases... Labor Day weekend was dominated by numerous Rolling Stones albums from early to later periods.

Sleep Museum "Forschung" Volumes 1-4 (pre-release discs)
Swans "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky"
Conan "Horseback Battle Hammer"
Blonde Redhead "Penny Sparkle"
Imbogodom "The Metallic Year"
Black Mountain "Wilderness Heart"
Effi Briest "Rhizomes"
The Body "All The Waters Of The Earth Shall Turn To Blood"
Indian Jewelry "Totaled"
Opium Warlords "Live At Colonia Dignidad"
Kommunity FK "La Santisima Muerte"
Last Dominion Lost "The Tyranny Of Distance" + "Sessions II" (AKA "Mix II") [seeking "Alt. Mix" and "Alt. and Live" plus any pre-LDL Merge recordings, if anyone has copies...]
O Children "S/T"
Detrivore "Pakt"
Frontier (various CDs + 2 new LPs)

(A very "True Crime" image, as that CD is nearly sold out...)