Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Status - 9/15

- Mail order is up-to-date and all paid orders received by noon yesterday are in the mail

- I am continuing to add items to my Discogs Marketplace page

- Some new goodies in the mail that are now on repeat listen include the new Diamond Cult and Failing Lights "Altlast Im Neuland" cassette - very cool stuff - and I am now officially requesting a Dead World and Wolf Eyes collaboration to be the next installment ----- and the punishing new Suffering Bastard self-titled cassette on Lascivious Aesthetics

- We had an ultra-productive Anatomy of Habit practice last night. It seems as though we have locked in the ending of the new song, "Then Window," after I feared that we were going through the process of changing it for the sake of changing it... and lo and behold, we delivered what is easily one of my favorite passages that we have created, thus far. A thing of total beauty. When it clicked, it was one of those "moments," for sure. I cannot wait to unveil it on October 16...

- Isidro and I will regroup tonight for more The Fortieth Day work. We now have two mixes of the new album, "Constantinople: 746 AD," one that I created and one that he created. They each have their own charms... An interesting dilemma... Do we release them both?