Thursday, October 14, 2010

Status - 10/14

- Mail-order is up-to-date. All paid orders have been sent out

- I am listening to last night's The Fortieth Day session right now as I have some espresso. I think that Isidro and I were both in Kuma's comas [we both ate the new Thin Lizzy, for the record] while we were playing, because the results were pretty psychedelic, hazy, and low-key. Isidro played some rather abstract bass and toned-down rhythms, and I focused on Korg Monotron, again, through lots of delay

- Anatomy of Habit added a bit more polish to "Then Window" on Tuesday night, and we ran through our proposed set for Saturday, to make sure that we know how the transitions will work. Even with all of the other shows going on that night, I think that the combined draws of Da! and Radar Eyes will assure a pretty solid audience

- As I will also announce in the next BloodLust! catalog, I am adjusting the prices for all full length CDs, in order to reflect what has become consistently lower costs for both replicated and duplicated discs. With the new catalog and the Locrian "Territories" CD announcement, prices will now be as follows: $12.00 USA/$14.00 Canada+Mexico/$16.00 Rest of World@postpaid (currently $14.00/$16.00/$18.00). Not bad, huh? I only wish that vinyl costs were going down, not up, what with the ongoing increased production of pressing plants, in the midst of vinyl-mania...