Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Status - 10/5

- Mail-order is up-to-date. Please hold all new orders until Monday October 11

- The Fortieth Day and Anatomy of Habit both practice today, due to travel, etc. Off to see Swans at Bottom Lounge later tonight. Ears should be suitable trashed by midnight...

- The October update will be posted and sent out after I return from NYC (Wierd, Swans, galleries, etc.)

- B!135 Mark Solotroff "Archive05" CD has arrived and will be announced as "in stock" with the next update. I should have word on the ETA of the Locrian "Territories" digipak CD (B!157) shortly. As previously mentioned, the Atrax Morgue vinyl is sitting here, awaiting sleeves. That release will most likely be announced later in the month and listed in the November update

B!135 Mark Solotroff "Archive05" CD - Jewelbox - Front