Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tonight at Wierd

Re-Posting for Pieter:

Tonite's performance at WIERD will be an absolute celebration of the wild, internal, pathos-fueld battlefield of the physical body internal - of the wonderful powers inherent deep in the THROAT to be specific...yet this 21st century throat will have no voice to en-Counter as muse...but rather just present itself on stage as a smooth, long, wet and porous vessel of latenight pleasure ready to take you into the kingdom of its loins for 20 minutes of terrifyingly erotic, cold, analogue WIERD welcomes the premiere of 'THE DESCENT' a live theatrical performance extravaganza featuring the VReturn of performance artist, adult film star and absolute master of enjoyment XXPLXT Angel, with a live musical score by our beloved young heroes and perhaps the last true hope for keeping the fantastically violent, visceral power of industrial music alive in America THROAT(Margaret Margaret Chardiet/Pharmakon + Ryan Woodhall/Yellow Tears)...this will be an evening unlike any other in WIERD history...better take a quick pic of yr dick and sext IT while its still there, as you dare to get VERY ahhh nooo... :)))

Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy