Friday, October 08, 2010

Ugly Skin

- A day in Brooklyn. Lots of outdoor time. A bit aimless. Attempted to play some Flower Electronics gadget. Nice lunch and dinner with newer and older friends. Later last night, Pieter and I met up with some friends at Royal Oak for the Mirror Me zine launch. There was an interesting performance by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Liturgy. He did a solo vocal piece that was very reminiscent of Bruce Lamont's solo work... chanted, looped, and heavily layered. Pretty cool stuff. The thick newsprint zine itself was edited by Brandon Stosuy and was developed from a collaborative exhibition and performance organized by Stosuy and artist Kai Althoff in 2009 at Dispatch Bureau in NYC. It features new material by numorous artists including Peter Sotos and Philip Best

- Still in need of a MOMA trip. Things have been abstract but not so expressionistic. A slice would be good right now. Meeting up with friends this afternoon. Links to bloody roots. Off to the Brooklyn Masonic Temple later tonight for Swans show number two this week...