Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Status - 11/10

- Mail-order is up-to-date

- BLOODYMINDED "Magnetism" special size pre-orders will most likely be closed by tomorrow morning, in order to run the initial order. Thanks to those who have expressed interest

- Atrax Morgue record sleeves are scheduled for delivery today. The release announcement is imminent

- Great show last night at The Empty Bottle... the new version of a band that Anatomy of Habit formerly shared practice space with... Hunters... with Ryan Kasparian, who used to play in Plague Bringer... Death metal, a heavy (yet clean) Southern vibe, and a definite classic grindcore/Earache sensibility... all uniquely packaged together. Their singer can fucking scream to holy hell... Wolvhammer from Minneapolis was up next... I guess a sort of bandmate is in that group... Ryan McKern from The Guilt Of... and the (thus far) one-off TEN SUICIDES... totally BRUTAL stuff... shades of Hellhammer, Amebix, Entombed, black metal, doom... EXCELLENT! Can't wait to dig into their CD. The Swan King -- who Anatomy of Habit will play with on January 7, 20011, at Martyrs' -- were up next... full-on, hard-driving, melodic noise-rock. Maybe it was the conversation with Kelly and Paul from Mayor Daley, but I swear that there were echoes of Thin Lizzy... way more songcraft than the AmRep tag they get might indicate. Can't wait for Martyrs'! Total killer night!