Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Status - 12/28

- Big mail run yesterday afternoon to catch up on orders from the long holiday weekend

- Isidro and I had a pretty heavy The Fortieth Day session last night. My pedal chain was at its longest, ever, and the overall sound was corroded and industrial-strength. We will share some news soon on the new CD by Winters in Osaka that includes a collaborative track with The Fortieth Day and Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth

- We wrapped up last night's session early enough that I made it over to The Juicer to catch Vestiges, Cyborg, and Like Rats. Unfortunately, Vit did not make it to Chicago in time. Both Vestiges and Vit are due to play at Reggie's tonight (with Sioum and Austaras), but it was nice to see at least one of them at a basement show, since I will be at AoH practice tonight. About that basement though... after both playing and attending a zillion basement shows, this might have been my first "remodeled" basement show. Fully renovated. no cat shit. No broken glass. No pools of vomit. No dead mice. It was pretty weird to see such a heavy show in such a nice space...