Saturday, December 11, 2010


I was pleased to be able to see Killing Joke last night, at The Empty Bottle, of all places. One of my very favorite bands playing at what is sort of like my home away from home. Fuck yes! In a way, it was pretty ridiculous (in a very good way) to see them at the Bottle, due to how small it is. But it was loud and it was clear and the audience up front, where I was, was pretty high-energy. Jesus, playing Love Like Blood second - and dedicating it to Raven - will certainly get everyone amped-up. Half the club seemed to be singing along. I have never felt the floor there shake like it did last night -- even when Eyehategod played there -- who were actually a touch louder. It was pretty amazing to see Jaz Coleman, in trademark black greasepaint and black boiler suit, stalking that stage, which I know so well. My only complaint was that they did not include Eighties in their encore, as they seem to have in other cities, but Geordie and Youth did a weird bit of bass and guitar improv/drone after Pandemonium, and after the rest of the band left the stage. Of note, Bloodiest were an excellent opener, despite four of the seven of them playing on the floor (BLOODYMINDED style) due to KJ's gear not being removed from the stage. The newer material that I heard sounded great and they seemed to win over the crowd... no easy feat with a room of dedicated KJ fans. And not easy with KJ's tweaked-out drum tech getting in your face... but Mr. Lamont took care of that... Well, I am still disappointed that the two Einsturzende Neubauten shows that were scheduled for this week were canceled, but this show will certainly join the Swans performances that I saw in October, as among the very best of the year for me.

I think the setlist followed this one from online, as best as I can remember (apologies if I got it wrong):

Tomorrow's World
Love Like Blood
Absolute Dissent
European Super State
This World Hell
The Fall of Because
Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove
The Great Cull
The Wait