Friday, July 30, 2010

Tentative Line-Up for FINAL Mopery Show on 8/28

Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Tiger Hatchery 7:00pm
Sunglasses 7:45pm
Battleship 8:30pm
Jason Soliday 9:15pm
Mark Solotroff 10:00pm
ONO 10:45pm
Sun Splitter 11:30pm
Unmanned Ship 12:15am
Bad Drugs 1:00am
Loose Dudes 1:45am
Running 2:30am
Lechuguillas 3:15am

How psyched am I to be playing right before ONO!!!

Local Burger Run

Felony Franks "Home of the Misdemeanor Weiner" (sic)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

B! Jim Goodall (Whitehouse) single on eBay

There is a copy of the very rare Jim Goodall (ex-Whitehouse, ex-Medicine, D.D. Dobson, Jon Wayne, etc.) 7-inch single on BloodLust! currently listed on eBay

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Status - 7/27

- Saw/heard cool music last night at Beauty Bar from Three Legged Race (Robert Beatty of Hair Police) and Tärr, both of whom played really great sets... and fucking loud, too. My god, when Robert kicked in it was almost too much!?!? Those horns/speakers (whatever) in the back space pack quite a punch! There was a nice contrast between his minimal techno that turned into vicious noise and Philip Kruse's deep, dark drone-wall style. It is always great to see Robert live and I hope to catch Tärr again soon. It was not necessarily my ideal atmosphere for that type of a show, but it is cool that the Beauty Bar folks are willing to host challenging music -- and it was fun to see a bunch of friends and hear good live sounds, nonetheless.

- Big mail run today to catch up on the weekend's orders. Thank to everyone who has supported the recent releases!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Solo Show 8/28

I will be playing my first solo show in ages [well, technically since the Super Eight Loop show on October 11, 2008], in observance of the closing of The Mopery, on Saturday August 28. They seem to have an intense bill brewing for the night, currently also including Lechuguillas, Tiger Hatchery, Battleship, Unmanned Ship, Running, Bad Drugs, Jason Soliday, and Loose Dudes.

Ghost Ridden

Since it was discussed with friends this weekend, and since it has not been yanked down from YouTube yet, I figured that I would post M.I.A.'s recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, as it is pretty weird to see Martin Rev from Suicide focused on so much... nice that it was not just a sample from "Ghost Rider"...

Buyer's Market on eBay

There is a copy of the rare Buyer's Market CD currently on eBay, for those who are interested...