Saturday, December 18, 2010

Status - 12/18

- BloodShop! updated - Added new artist drop-down search function to right-side dashboard. Packing up last two days of orders for a Post Office run

- A cold and quiet weekend in Chicago, show-wise. Time for more studio work. Mastering and pre-production continues on final two Mark Solotroff archival releases

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sneak Peek: 02/19/11

Poster for February 19, 2011 show

Event Links:

Favorite Records of 2010

Well, since December is halfway over, I think it is safe to post a list of my favorite and/or most-listened-to records of the year... It was a great year for music, in my opinion, and I had a large list of "go to" records that stayed by my stereo system, made their way to my computer, and even wound up on my BlackBerry. Here they are, in alphabetical order. Titles in bold denote top pick/heaviest rotation:

Black Mountain "Wilderness Heart"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Beat The Devil’s Tattoo"
The Body "All The Waters Of The Earth Shall Turn To Blood"
Bryan Ferry "Olympia"
Conan "Horseback Battle Hammer"
Cough "Ritual Abuse"
Crippled Black Phoenix "I, Vigilante"
Dead Meadow "Three Kings"
Deftones "Diamond Eyes"
Detrivore "Pakt"
Disappears "Lux"
Drudkh "Handful Of Stars"
Effi Briest "Rhizomes"
Einsturzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture IV"
Electric Wizard "Black Masses"
Factory Floor "Lying"
Frank (Just Frank) "The Brutal Wave"
Grinderman "Grinderman 2"
The High Confessions “Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions”
The Human Quena Orchestra "A Natural History of Failure"
Imbogodom "The Metallic Year"
Indian Jewelry "Totaled"
Interpol "Interpol"
Kevin Drumm "Necro Acoustic"
Killing Joke "Absolute Dissent"
Kommunity FK "La Santisima Muerte"
Kylesa "Spiral Shadow"
Liars "Sisterworld"
Luasa Raelon "Vampyr: Light Of The Beast"
Manic Street Preachers "Postcards From A Young Man"
Monarch! "Sabbat Noir"
Nachtmystium "Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II"
O Children "O Children"
Opium Warlords "Live at Colonia Dignidad" (wait, is this actually a 2009 release?)
Pontiak "Living"
The Rolling Stones "Exile On Main Street (Remastered)"
Salome "Terminal"
Serena-Maneesh "S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor"
Steven Severin "Codex Astra - Hours of Gold"
Starkweather "This Sheltering Night"
Swans "My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To the Sky"
Sword Heaven "Gone"
Tame Impala "Innerspeaker"
These New Puritans "Hidden"
Tindersticks "Falling Down A Mountain"
Triptykon "Eparistera Daimones"
Unearthly Trance "V"
The Urge Within "Blood Red Sun"
v/a "Wierd presents: Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol 1"

And two from 2011 that are already in very heavy rotation:

Indian "Guiltless"
Martial Canterel "You Today"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Solo Archives

The last two entries in the seven part Mark Solotroff archive series are now in pre-production with an expected early January 2011 release

B!136  Mark Solotroff "Archive06" CD - Jewelbox Front B!137 Mark Solotroff "Archive07" CD - Jewelbox Front

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Status - 12/15

- All paid orders received by noon today have been mailed out. Thanks!

Live in 2010

There is a thread on the noise board related to top things from 2010 that are NOT albums... mainly focused on live shows... so I just added this rambling list. I am still thinking through the whole top albums of the year thing...

Another jam-packed year for live experiences... both playing and being a fan... so, in no particular order, here are some highlights:

HEAVY FOCUS III in Minneapolis (a fucking GREAT festival!), plus the night before at The Mopery, both shows with Sightings and Envenomist. HF3 was also like an amazing BloodLust! family showcase, with top-notch sets from Locrian, Wilt, Climax Denial, and Envenomist

And speaking of The Mopery, NOT TOP of 2010 was them closing, but shit, did they go out with a bang

BLOODYMINDED playing/collaborating live with Miss Margaret Chardiet (Pharmakon) was a treat, indeed

Also NOT TOP was the Einsturzende Neubauten tour getting canceled

3 x Swans shows (Chicago, Brooklyn, NYC), plus the great Wierd/BloodLust! brunch at Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg, which brought together so many friends

2 x Killing Joke shows

2 x Eyehategod shows, in the audience both nights, on stage with Plague Bringer on Saturday, and at Reckless Records on Sunday as a part of Ten Suicides

Grinderman at The Riviera with lots of friends

Indian - as a fan at Reggie's (with Buzzov-en), on stage with them on Halloween -- along with singing with Rabid Rabbit and witnessing Monarch! live. What a heavy fucking night!

Recording...ugh..."jamming"... Isidro and I hosted Adam and Mike from Winters in Osaka, Mack from Koufar, Omar from Socially Retarded/Constrictions, and Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth at the PB/AoH/T40D space. Results still TBA/TBD...

Triptykon at The Gramercy in NYC

Singing with Frontier at their first show in a decade and watching them own The Empty Bottle for an entire night

Drunkdriver at Halfway House

Considering how big their album became, The Body along with Dead Times and Sun Splitter gets my vote for the Chicago show of 2010 that people should be most ashamed of missing. You weren't there. Well, a few of you were, so thanks.

Defeatist at Speed Trials (Locked Out Space)

Indian Jewelry at The Empty Bottle. Awesome!

Harvey Milk at Subterranean

Liars, John Wiese, and Follows at the Bottom Lounge. Possibly my favorite Wiese set, ever.

Zoroaster at The Empty Bottle (again)... arrived too late for Dark Castle that time. Fuck.

Cowards and Perispirit at Enemy

Serena-Maneesh at Bottom Lounge

Sleeping with the Earth at Elastic was another cool show that nobody showed up for

Hair Police's May show at The Empty Bottle was fantastic

Speaking of which, Three Legged Race and Tärr at Beauty Bar

Sleep was fun to see at Logan Square Auditorium, but Lichens was rather revelatory that night.

Between Anatomy of Habit and BLOODYMINDED (and Plague Bringer, too), I got to play on bills with so many excellent and varied bands and artists this year. Along with those mentioned above, this includes A Frames, Maledicere, Da!, Helen Money, Yakuza, Wolf Eyes, Locrian, Sun Splitter, Neil Jendon, Lechuguillas, The Atlas Moth, Nachtmystium...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nightmares T-shirt Pre-order

Pre-order details for the forthcoming Nightmares T-shirt can now be found at the BloodShop!

Sizes XS-XL:
Sizes 2XL-4XL:

Nightmares "Mouth Tunnel" T-Shirt Mock-Up

New Tests In

Test discs for the set of The Fortieth Day "Constantinople: 746 AD" CDs arrived and Isidro and I will evaluate them for quality over the coming days...

Status - 12/14

- Currently reviewing last night's pozole-fueled The Fortieth Day session. It was a perfect soup for a frigid mid-teens night, and icy, blackened, psychedelic noise followed. Subtlety was the goal, again, but Isidro and I included some harsher moments, and it was all anchored by a steady, plodding death-industrial beat

- I will likely get the weekend's (and yesterday's) mail-order packages in the mail this evening, before Anatomy of Habit practice. Thanks to everyone who has already visited the new BloodShop!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

BloodShop! Adds

I am continuing to populate the webstore with the last few unlisted items, notably including the first availability of the previously mentioned vltra-kvlt Intrinsic Action "Dazed" back patches

Passion Is Fed

Killing Joke night two... same basic set... maybe even a better mix... Jaz's vocals even better... or maybe it was where I was standing, compared to Friday's show... Longer encore last night, with Eighties and Complications before Pandemonium. Excellent!