Friday, December 24, 2010

Status - 12/24

New items in the BloodShop! from Expectorant Recordings, the Milwaukee based label run by James Moy of BLOODYMINDED and Anal Hearse.

You can also click "distributed items" to view other recent additions

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Status - 12/22

Great work last night at Anatomy of Habit practice. We made major progress on the new song, now tentatively titled "Radiate and Recede," and I think that we have all of the main parts locked in

I am slowly starting to add select non-BloodLust! titles - by artists with releases on BloodLust! - to the webstore. Two Plague Bringer titles are available now. There will be more to come... Please note that I am not starting a full-on distro and I am not soliciting for titles to stock.

Image of Plague Bringer "As The Ghosts Collect, The Corpses Rest" CD Image of Plague Bringer "Life Songs In A Land Of Death" CD

Also, special size pre-orders for the Nightmares T-shirt end on 12/31. Paid pre-orders are not necessary for S-XL but they are required for any sizes smaller or larger than that:
Sizes XS-XL:
Sizes 2XL-4XL:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Status - 12/21

Reviewing last night's The Fortieth Day session. Weird night. Late start. We just had to start with a snowy drive up to Kuma's. Smallish crowd huddled in doorway/front. Isidro and I were sitting at a table within just a few minutes. Excellent! I had the special -- the Absu -- from a band who I had an early liking for, but lost interest in after a couple of albums. The Absu is a 10-ounce burger with the following toppings: a spicy tomatillo salsa, avocado and red onion relish, melted pepperjack cheese, fresh queso fresco, and topped off with three different types of deep fried chiles - jalapeno, habanero, and red fresno. Very tasty. The recording session consisted of Isidro on bass, loops, rhythms, and sequences, and me on Roland MC-202 through a long string of delay and distortion pedals. I played seated, due to the burger coma. It seemed like an about-face to the recent "restraint" sessions, but as I listen to it, it may not have been the forceful overload that I thought that I was experiencing. There is more nuance than I expected.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Status - 12/20

- Packing up orders for a Post Office run

- Enjoying a mixed bag of music today, from later Beatles albums to the new Climax Denial "All Of My Loves Are Like Dreams" CD to a couple of really uplifting albums by Apati, "Morgondagen inställd i brist på intresse" (2010) and "Eufori"(2009)

- The Fortieth Day heads into "the space" later today...

- Mega Millions is at $145 Million!

Mark Solotroff - Mopery - Video 2

Video courtesy of Matt Kimmel/Acid Marshmallow (

P.NG5361.B's 2010 Lists

I am really humbled by the inclusion of so many recordings (and even a show) that I was involved with in the year-end lists from Paolo from Sshe Retina Stimulants/Sigillum S. His carefully composed lists are always interesting to read, this time of year, and even better this year!