Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Status - 1/18

- The Fortieth Day was in the space last night for a really heavy-duty deep bass drone and synth session. I am listening to the results right now and I think that we hit on some interesting new territory. Maybe that was because I left about four or five distortion pedals out of my FX chain for this session? We got a pretty late start, post-burritos, and no doubt, the sheet of ice that was blanketing Chicago's streets had an effect on the frozen sounds that we made

- By the time we left the space, one interesting sounding noise show was no doubt wrapping up, so I made my way to The Empty Bottle, in time to at least catch Mayor Daily play a midnight set to a very full house - which was great to see on such a shitty night. This was their first show with their new bassist, and they sounded great. Kelly's voice was strong as hell, channeling (early) Siouxsie Sioux, Anja Huwe... sometimes deeper like Katrina Ford, etc. I was thinking of them as a more proggy/no wave cousin to Effie Briest, maybe. Dark, heavy, and complex compositions. They played two long songs in a bit over 20-minutes, and the crowd was hungry for more. Then it was back out into the ice and sleet...

- New in the BloodShop!

Neuntöter Der Plage - Swine