Friday, February 11, 2011

A.V. Club Milwaukee on 2/18

A.V. Club Milwaukee listing

A considerable force in the noise-rock underground, Wolf Eyes makes excoriating ambient music full of rotten static blasts and high-frequency hiss. The Michigan trio first stabbed at upward mobility with 2004’s Burned Mind, a sustained scream of an album put out by Sub Pop—a label considerably bigger than the tape-traded ones that Wolf Eyes entertained in the past. The band’s scouring sound makes both more and less sense live, when it’s allowed to stand as its own troubling experience. The group has recently been experimenting with elements of early psyche, adding even more depth to its lo-fi creations. Bloodyminded, on the other hand, has refused any notion even resembling change over the course of its 16-year run, remaining faithful to its minimal and aggressive approach toward perversion-drenched power electronics.