Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time Out previews 3/15 show

From Time Out

Salem + Silk Flowers + Neil Jendon + The Fortieth Day & Noise Crush

Critics' Pick

Salem has become the most publicized face of the witchhouse microgenre, primarily because the Midwest trio serves up great journalist juice. Member John Holland was quoted in BUTT magazine talking about his days as a teen prostitute, and the band has titled an EP Yes, I Smoke Crack, modeled for fashion spreads in The New York Times Magazine and generally bombed hard onstage. Less discussed was the group’s debut album, 2010’s King Night, a murk of cheap gangsta riddims, menacing keyboards and mumbled threats. Like a wet dream of Larry Clark, Jack Donoghue raps monosyllabic, nihilistic thoughts on “Sick.” But strip away the layers of gimmicks and you’re left with little more than a smoke machine. Colorful psych outfit Silk Flowers supports with churning, intense sounds.