Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Status - 4/19

Last night yielded one of the most interesting The Fortieth Day sessions in memory (but with my memory of late that may not be saying much). Isidro created some amazingly lethargic and hypnotic loops with bass and guitar. His rhythm programming verged into heavier areas than we have typically ventured... almost "isolationist-era" at times. The session was generally characterized by some of our strongest dynamics to date. Long and heavy passages were punctuated by patient sections of "decay," where my heavily-delayed guitar was able to trail off into oblivion. It was a rewarding night and I am looking forward to listening to the results.

After finishing this early session, and atypically emerging in daylight, we moved quickly to one of our cities many Los Comales locations for a frenzy of cecina!

From there, it was off to Beat Kitchen, and we arrived a few minutes before The Atlas Moth took the stage. After a bit of leveling out on their sound during the first song, it was clear that the band had just been out on a long tour, as they were powerful, tight, and in command of the room. They sounded great! The crowd even got a taste of the band's next album, with an airing of one of their recently recorded songs, which sounded excellent in a live setting. Doomriders were up next, followed by Floor. We sneaked out a bit early, during Floor's set, as I had a lot of work to do on the Sleep Museum box set. More on that soon...