Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Status - 4/26

We had a great The Fortieth Day session last night.  There was even more restraint than I have been mentioning recently.  Isidro played cargo ship on a foggy night bass, the drum machine was doing some harsher things than usual, and I was leaning on the delays, but not so much on the distortion pedals.  It was a really narcotic-sounding exercise.  Perfect for a weird, rainy night.  And perfect after the thick gumbo at Feed... Transferring the results from the Zoom now, while downloading some extra-curricular EHX-2880 guitar loops that Isidro continued to work on, following last Monday night's session.  Isidro has also been back in the space recording additional vocals for Los Heraldos Negros in Mexico City.

Off to Anatomy of Habit practice in a bit... We are working hard on the two new songs, "Radiate and Recede" and "The Decade Plan."  The goal is to get "R+R" ready for the June 4th show...