Thursday, May 26, 2011


Fun show last night at The Abbey Pub.  I walked in just as Rabid Rabbit were building a drone into their first song.  Something sounded different and it was confirmed by ace soundman Matt that the venue had recently beefed up the sub bass in their sound system, which has always been loud but sometimes sounds a bit harsh.  Not last night.  Rabid Rabbit sounded fantastic and it was really nice to see them at back-to-back shows.  As a point of difference, last night, Dave Rempis sounded great, sitting in with them on one song.  Earthen Grave were up next and they have more in common with the earlier phase of bassist Ron Holzner's (also of friends My Cold Dead Hand) former band, Trouble.  Out of the gate, they had a Pentagram/Black Sabbath sort of thing happening.  Recommended for classic doom style fans.  Their singer can really belt it out.  At times he has a higher register melodic thing happening and he can also do a less blues/swagger Danzig-esque thing.  Indian was on next and over that enhanced PA (not to mention the battalion of Emperors) they compressed my ear canals within moments.  Pure raw nihilism.  Total destruction.  And "Banality," a song that I often hear through the ceiling at the practice space and that may just be the harshest song of 2011, was totally crushing as their set closer.  Unsane was up last and it had been ages since I last saw them.  You know what to expect with them... heavy noise-rock meets post-hardcore meets metal riffs... with Vinny Signorelli's (also ex-Swans) driving beats propelling the whole ship forward.  Great night!