Saturday, May 07, 2011

Moth Tracks

My heartfelt thanks go out to The Atlas Moth guys, Andrew, Steve, Dave, Tony, and Beetle, for inviting me to join them in the studio last night.  I recorded numerous vocal takes for an amazing three-minute long hypnotic, psychedelic, looping interlude piece that will be on their new album.  I sang six or seven passes, harmonizing with myself, and varying my delivery.  I think that four of the takes were clean and two or three were through a real plate reverb (!).  Then I did a couple of passes in full-on scream mode, with weird room miking, not unlike what Andrew did with my voice for Anatomy of Habit.  It was an awesome experience and I was really honored to be asked to write for and sing with them.  What I have heard of the album, thus far, is devastating.  I made it out of the studio just in time to rush over to Cobra Lounge, to wish Mr. Lindsay a happy birthday and to see Nachtmystium play.  They were intense and crushingly loud.  Not sure if that was the recently upgraded/enhanced PA at the club, all of the Emperor cabinets on stage, or both, but I feel like I am underwater right now and that did not happen in the studio.  I was sorry to have missed Defcon and Lord Mantis, both of whom people said were great, too.  Totally killer night, through and through!