Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Status - 5/24

- Just back from a tasty stop at Frietkoten in the French Market and heading out to Anatomy of practice after a quick espresso.  Lots of work to do in preparation for debuting a new set at our June 4 show.  As a reminder:

- I had a great The Fortieth Day session with Isidro last night. We started the night by cheating on Kuma's and having burgers closer by at Cobra Lounge.  We were there too early for the Nachtmystium DJ action, and the Ms. Nachtmystium bartender action, unfortunately.  We tried some different things at the space last night...my plan was to start "all in" and then slowly pull back, injecting some dynamics along the way. I am looking forward to reviewing the recording...but today was too busy.