Sunday, June 12, 2011

Status - 6/12

- Well, the blog is still being super-buggy, especially when images are posted, as below, with the new BloodShop! additions.  It is pushing earlier posts into the archive, for some reason

- I am catching up with mail-order from the last week and everything will be up-to-date and in tomorrow's mail

- While I was sorry to have missed Sword Heaven and Sickness last night, I was able to see Buried at Sea for the first time in at least five years or so, and dear god, they did not disappoint.  Within moments of the "creaking ship lost at sea" sounds starting, the band totally erupted, and like just like the old days, it was microphones in the mouth and full-on fury. EXCELLENT!  If you like your doom heavy and brutal, and you skipped this show... well... Nachtmystium were a blast, as well, and the new bass player from Rwake seemed to fit in really well.  They played a powerful set.  And Orange Goblin capped off the night with a set of hard-and-heavy crowd-pleaser stoner/doom anthems.  It was great to see them again after five years, too.  It was a great show, overall, and it was cool to hang out with so many friends there.  The party continued across the street at The Flat Iron, so thanks to the Indian guys for the amusing night/morning!